I am looking for items to hang in the office. I will be putting together furniture to create a lounge area and I am going in the racing direction with it. Think about calling it the Pit Lounge. I would like it to have a race feeling, over time I will put up a big screen and have races shown.
Pictures, flags anything to give it the racing feeling.

I am also looking for a Nose Wing from a Sprint Car. I know they cost you guys money, but if you have one that you would be willing to part with please let me know. If I need to paint it, clean it up that's fine. 

Anything you guys can do to help me out here would be great!

If you see something sitting around and picture it as an end table, or coffee table something that would look cool send me an email and let me know. 

Arlington PC Repair - pcrepair.james@live.com