Arlington Raceway

Tony's Outdoor Services & Klehr Grading & Excavating Night


Arlington Raceway

Tony's Outdoor Services & Klehr Grading & Excavating Night

The wind played a big factor in the racing program Saturday night as the track became very abrasive and slick. Some
drivers enjoyed the smooth quick track and had their car set up to capitalize on the conditions. The Jack Pines Resort
IMCA Hobby feature saw 20 cars begin the race but by the second lap the field had slimmed down. A multi car crash
occurred in turn #3 when the 15 of Scott Porter and 32 of Chad Volk made contact and the cars behind them had nowhere
to go but into each other. Porter was out of the race and several cars went to the work area for repairs. On the restart,
Blake Luinenburg who had started in 11 th place was the new leader of the race with Jordan Robinson behind him. Half
way through the race Cory Probst joined the front of the pack and tried to gain on Luinenburg but had to settle for 2 nd
behind him as he won his second consecutive feature. Taylor Manderfield took 3 rd place ahead of Travis Koester.
Justin Dose found his first feature of the year in the Coors Light IMCA Sport Compact feature taking the lead on the
second lap from his 8 th place start and remaining the leader throughout. A yellow flag came out on lap 4 when the car of
Kevin Bolte had troubles and drove off of turn #3. After the restart another yellow came out for the car of Zack
Vandekieft and Emily Christenson getting together, both was out of the race. Alan Lahr moved up 5 spots during the
restarts to gain on Dose but in the end Dose won with Lahr taking 2 nd and Dale Gatton taking 3 rd .
The eXmark Outlaw Hobby feature also saw some yellow flags come out. On the first lap, Fred Heidecker spun out and
went into the work area. Karl Hewitt led the pack until another yellow came out when the 60 of Beau Frauendienst spun
out in turn #1. Garett Uecker had passed Hewitt and was able to maintain his lead with Hewitt and Rod Manthey trading
the #2 spot. In the end, Hewitt got by Manthey one last time to claim the 2 nd spot behind Uecker and Manthey took 3 rd
ahead of Mark Oestreich.
Cole Hesse started in the 2 nd row of the Arlington State Bank IMCA Northern Sport Modified feature and by the 5 th lap he
was the in command of the race. He was a ¼ of a lap ahead of 2 nd place runner Jeff Carter who was holding back Matt
Looft for the entire distance. Lapped traffic played a factor in the final laps. Hesse went on to win his first career feature
race. Carter was able to take 2 nd ahead of Looft.
Zach Glaser took full advantage of his pole position start in the Rice Companies IMCA RaceSaver Sprint feature as he led
from start to finish picking us his first win of the year. Brandon Buysse started alongside Glaser but was unable to get
around him and settled for 2 nd ahead of Brett Allen.
Twenty five cars started the B&B Racing Chassis IMCA Stock Car feature and Josh Larson who had started on the front
row was the leader for the distance to win his first feature of the year. A yellow came out on lap 8 when Dan Mackenthun
got a flat tire, on the restart Larsen was again successful in maintain the lead. Matt Speckman who had started in the 2 nd
row was right alongside Larson but soon he was battling with Ryan Bjerkeset for the 2 nd spot. With only a four laps left,
Bjerkeset edged past Speckman while Matt Looft was working on Speckman as well, the three cars were side by side
going down the back stretch. Larson took the checkers with Bjerkeset taking send and Looft finishing just ahead of
The Ottomotive Tire & Repair IMCA Modified feature saw JJ Reimers take the lead but that only lasted for 4 laps as a
yellow flag came out when Jason Schroeder spun on the front stretch after being hit. He was done for the night. On the
restart, the race was all Chad Porter as got around Reimers to take the top spot. With 4 laps to go, Todd Stinehart who had
started in 9 th place got around both Reimers and Clint Hatlestad but wasn’t able to get by Porter so Porter won his first
feature of the year with Stinehart taking 2nd and Reimers able to hold onto the 3 rd spot.
Seventeen cars signed in for the Jerry’s HomeQuality Foods autocross division. Two different leaders in the feature saw
some entertaining races with Emily McConnell leading the field for the first two laps but then a yellow came out when
cars got together which sent 4 cars to the pit. On the restart, Jake Trebesch got around McConnell to take the lead and go
onto win the race. McConnell took 2 nd and the 23k of Brian Krueger took 3 rd place.

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